Stress and You!

Stress.  We’ve all struggled with it at some point in our lives.  When allowed to run rampant, it affects our health, our emotions, our relationships, our sleep, and much more.  We’ve tried various ways to cope with it.  Some not exactly healthy for our personal wellbeing.  2020, as a whole, was tremendously stressful.  2021 looks brighter, but not where we feel that we are out of the woods, yet.  I continue to offer Reiki as a healthy alternative for stress relief.  Many are beginning to let go of their  New Year’s resolutions that they made at the beginning of this year due to lack of sticking power and not seeing results immediately.  Reiki energy is immediate and lasting.  Many of my clients report a continual sense of “well-being” after their first session and are excited to continue that feeling in their upcoming sessions.  It’s easy.  You lay there on my massage table, listen to relaxing music, breathe in the essential oil I have in my diffuser, and receive the wonderful and deeply relaxing reiki energy pulsing through my hands.  There is no other sensation like it!  Imagine sitting up, feeling completely relaxed for the first time in a long time, smiling and breathing easier.  What’s not to love?  Contact me today if you are interested in experiencing this sensation for  yourself or would like a loved once to experience it, too, as I do offer gift certificates.  Until then, take care and enjoy the spring that will be coming soon.Watercolor Dragonfly