About a year ago I started an entirely new career. My stress level was very high. Julie suggested Reiki as a way to help me manage that new stress. As a new participant in Reiki, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Reiki does not involve touching, however, there were a few times where I thought Julie’s hands were actually on my feet! I felt the energy moving as Julie shifted her palms over the various chakra areas.

I recommend Reiki by Julie to anyone looking for an alternate way to find peace of mind and soul.


Middleville, Michigan

I want to tell you how much your healing touch has met to and my husband. We have both had your treatments and have felt the differance. I have bad knees and was having a lot of pain with walking. You never touched my knees but I felt the pain just be pulled out of them. You also have lowered my stress level after a session. My husband feels the same after his sessions. Thank you for the service you are doing for the people with chronic illnesses like my husband and I.

While I was quite skeptical to try Reiki for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxation I felt as Julie treated me. She worked on my sore shoulder and I felt significant relief that lasted several days. The pain was related to a deeper issue that needed physical therapy, but having that relief for a couple of days was really nice!

I know a lot of people think that Reiki is “mystical” or delves into Eastern religious beliefs. That might be true with some practitioners, but not with Julie. It’s a proven scientific fact that our bodies have electrical energy.  I believe that God gave us that energy to help our bodies to heal and recover from the stresses of life. Julie considers herself merely as a conduit for God’s healing energy.

I have been back on a regular basis, as I find the treatments to be very helpful, both physically and emotionally.  Being quiet and centered for that hour really seems to help lower my stress level for the week.  I really miss it when I have to miss a treatment, as Reiki has become a regular part of my weekly routine.

Kim Smith

Dramatic Design

Hey Julie,

I have been the fortunate recipient of Julie Coon’s Reiki treatments for some time now and absolutely love them. They have helped heal injuries and just bring my being back in to balance when everything else seems to be going sideways. I will continue using Reiki treatment as a holistic means of well being as long as I am able.

Janette Bremer

            A Reiki Therapist’s Prayer

            “Let me dedicate my life today

To the care of those who come my way

Let me touch each one with healing hands

For the gentle art for which I stand

Let the divine force flow from me to you

Let our energy and spirit renew

And then tonight when the day is done

Let me rest in peace if I helped just one.”

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