Exciting New Events Coming Soon!

Spring brings change to the landscape around us and our lives are no different.  It feels like we are slowing emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic cocoon and with that, opening up to multiple and new possibilities!  I’m excited (and optimistically cautious) for this time of new beginnings.  I took advantage of our imposed “down time” to come up with ideas on how to grow ourselves mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  Along with my reiki classes that I have offered yearly, I will be offering two new  and exciting opportunities for that kind of growth in the coming months.

NEW: from 9 am to 10 am  at Gifts for Body & Soul,  I will be offering to anyone 18 years and older Monday Morning Guided Meditation Classes starting Monday after the Labor Day holiday.  We will gather each Monday morning to release our stressors, build our energy for the coming week, and connect through “common ground”.  Bring your coffee, yoga mat or use a chair, and enjoy a safe place to allow yourself to release in a safe environment.  Price will be $15 a session or $55 per month if paid for in advance.  Signup by August 31st is encouraged, but not required, as space will be limited. Sorry, no daycare provided.

I certainly have more ideas I want to incorporate, but since everything is still rather tentative with our pandemic situation, I will begin with these and continue to offer to you the gift of relaxation through personal reiki therapy.  Please contact me if you are interested in either of these options or have questions.  May you feel and be blessed today!