How is everyone holding up so far? There has certainly been a lot of uncomfortable changes we all have had to endure and I hope you have been able to maneuver through them as best as you can. I am still able to offer Reiki therapy services this whole time whether in-office or remotely (Distant Reiki). I’ve had to switch between the two due to being quarantined and then sick myself (not sure it was Covid as I tested negative, but had most of the symptoms). I will continue to offer both, but I would like to remind everyone that my health/safety protocol will still be in effect until further notice. The pandemic is still in full swing and the safety of my clients is very important to me. Health questions will still be asked of each in-office client and masks/face coverings will still be required. And I request that if you or anyone in your household feels sick (Covid or otherwise), please reschedule or use my Distant Reiki services. I will not require you to be vaccinated from the virus for an in-office appointment as I know some individuals have reservations about it. Due to the nature of my work being in close contact with individuals, I will be receiving it when it is available to me. Even so, I will keep safety protocols in place until I feel it is safe for everyone to go back to “normal”. I appreciate your understanding and patience during this unprecedented time. I want to continue to be of service to you through Reiki’s amazing, relaxing energy. That is something we all need right now! If you know someone who is struggling with the stress from the current state of affairs, consider giving them the “gift of relaxation” and purchase a gift certificate for Reiki services from me or any of the great ladies who work at Gifts for Body and Soul. Let’s spread hope and peace together.purple flowers