Reiki on a horse?

You read the topic title correctly….I used Reiki on a show horse last week. I feel that some people don’t realize that animals have energy systems that need balancing just as much as we do when unbalanced. This beautiful horse had a mis-hap and needed a chiropractors help to get her spine re-aligned. The chiropractor did his work (giftedly well, I might add) but, the horse was still having some discomfort. I was asked by the owner’s mother if I could possibly help the horse. I and the owner’s mother met the horse out in the corral area with the other boarded horses. All the horses were curious and wanted to be led out of the corral along with this particular horse. The horse fed on the fresh green grass while I worked on her. She was calm and content. After a while, the Mom led her into the barn to be brushed, fed, and watered. While in her stall, the Mom began to brush her. I put my hand up to her and touched her face. She stared at me and pressed her face firmer against my hand and held it there. I allowed the Reiki energy to continually flow through my hand as she did that. Meanwhile, the Mom stopped brushing her and stared at me open jawed. She stated, “This horse never allows ANYONE to touch her face!” She tried touching the horses face and the horse shied away. Again, I put my hand up to the horse’s face and she pressed against it. I told her that the horse was enjoying the Reiki energy and that I am naturally fearful of animals larger than me. It was quite a wonderful experience! The Mom contacted me later to tell me that the horse was very much improved after the experience. Her daughter, the owner of the horse, could not believe that I was able to touch her horse’s face. Reiki’s healing energy never ceases to amaze me!