Cleaning House With Trash

Yep…another odd title.  But I’ll explain.  The story starts with two friends….very good friends who have been friends for a VERY long time.  They know each others deepest wishes and darkest secrets.  When one was sad or hurt, the other somehow “knew about it”.  They rarely had harsh words between them.  Due to circumstances beyond their control, the two went their own ways for a couple of years.  They still kept in touch, but rarely had the deep conversations that they usually had together.  Then one day, they reconnected.  Each was thrilled to talk to each other again….especially about the “old times”.  But, something had changed.  The one friend noticed that the other kept “skirting around the subject” when a specific question was directed to the other.  A cold chill conveyed over the conversations they had.  They had been friends far too long for this to create a shadow over their friendship.  One of the friends had become a Reiki Master in the time they had spent apart and so went home after their time together to pray over the matter.  The Reiki Master prayed for a short time alone when the answer presented its self.  “My friend is lying to me because of the fear of not appearing to be a perfect friend!”  So, out of either protecting interests or shamefulness, it was like the friend was “cleaning house with trash”.  The friend would rather lie than clear out the air of negativity.  Nothing gets resolved…nothing gets fixed….nothing gets healed!  It’s like fixing tooth decay with more soda and candy!  Although, sometimes lies are necessary to protect the innocent….however, even when those lies get found out imagine the “clean-up job” that it will be to fix the mess!  I really do not enjoy doing Reiki on a client who, when I ask a serious question of them, rather than tell me, “I am uncomfortable giving you that answer,” will, instead, all out lie to me.  I believe they forget that ALL energy, whether it be positive or negative, is stored in their bodies and that the energy presents itself as a positive or negative sensation to the healer.  Healers are their to help their clients by clearing out all negative aspects that aren’t to their clients “highest and best good”. An “all out lie” from the client just adds more “trash” to the body, spirit, emotions, and soul.  If by chance you do have a really close friend to talk to, do it!  (Especially between your Reiki appointments!)  Tis better to heal the wound then letting it fester!  Meanwhile, try to live in the “light of the world” rather than “hiding in its’ shadow”.  Namaste, my friends!