Moving and a Bigger Purpose!

Hello again! I have split my career time over the last several years between Certified Pharmacy Technician and Reiki Master. Many people have asked me how I could be on both sides of the “fence” (science and metaphysical). Science wasn’t always…science. It started with a hunch, then a theory, then proof. I have seen positive results of drug therapy on a patient and I have witnessed the results of my clients being relieved from their discomfort with the help of Reiki Therapy. If both are used for the better of the patient and the patient is comfortable with both therapies, why would it NOT be alright to have both? I am for positive patient outcome, not who is “right” and who is “wrong”. Twelve years in a pharmacy setting has given me plenty of experience and information about prescription drug therapy and the effects on a patient who uses it. Yes, many of the side effects of the newer drugs (and some of the old “tried and true”) are truly frightening. Many people who are on these drugs (not all) wouldn’t need to be on prescription drug therapy if they were to change their lifestyle’s, i.e. eat healthier, move more, drop unhealthy vices…. With that in mind, I have decided to leave my job in the pharmacy setting and to move my Reiki practice to a new health food store where I have been hired to manage as well as to have a place to practice Reiki. I really want to help those who are serious about improving their health on all levels and I feel this new place for my practice would be more conducive to that endeavor. I plan on maintaining my Certification in Pharmacy Technician so as to add another dimension of helpful and healthful knowledge to both my clients and the store’s customer base.  As of October 1st, you can contact me at Thornapple Health & Nutrition, 9175 Cherry Valley Ave., Suite D, Caledonia, MI, 49316. You can make appointments starting that day by using the store’s phone number of (616) 891-0898 between the times of 10am to 7pm. Check the rest of my website for available appointment times. Like any new venture, I am excited….and a little nervous! Please stop in during Grand Opening week (October 1st through the 6th) to enter for a chance at a free one hour Reiki session from me! Also, come check out my new “room” and the wonderful products being offer in the store including gluten-free, organic, holistic, natural, weight control, and sports nutrition products (to name a few). I hope to see you soon!

Psychic Attacks and Protecting Yourself

I have had many of my clients ask about ” Psychic Attacks” and how to rid and avoid them. They are the manipulation of supernatural energies and forces and occur when dark and negative energetic vibrations are sent from one individual to another individual or place creating disturbances in the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place. These energies can create harmful effects within the person receiving them and not all attacks are intentional. Energy Workers, including Reiki Masters, have the ability to rid of the attachments and repair the client’s aura. We can teach you how to avoid future attacks. I have had much training and experience in this area. Call me today if you feel you are the recipient of a “Psychic Attack”.

Reiki I and II Classes!

I hope you are doing well this winter. Are you interested or curious about being attuned to the healing energy of Reiki? I am very excited to announce Reiki I and II classes that I will be offering on March 24, 2012  from 9am to 5pm. The class will be located at The Scoop which is located next door to Shear Pleasure Hair Designers (my place of practice) downtown Middleville, MI. The cost will be $225 per person (due by March 10th) and includes a spiral bound text book on Reiki and a lunch at Big Easy (next door to The Scoop). Checks can be made out to Julie Ann Coon, LLC and sent to Shear Pleasure Hair Designers, 122 E. Main St., Middleville, MI 49333. I must have at least 4 students to hold this class. If you have any questions, you may call me or email me. This is a very spiritually uplifting class to take, so please consider telling your friends about it! There will be a $25 price break if you and a friend book together! Thank you and many blessings to you!

Recommended Reading List to survive “change”!

“We can’t stop the change, but we can guide it to a gentler landing.” Recommended reading list if you want to be in the “know”:

Deep Truth by Gregg Braden

Reiki Healing Touch & The Way of Jesus by Bruce G. Epperly & Katherine Gould Epperly

Chakras For Beginners by David Pond

Your Aura and Your Chakras – The Owner’s Manuel by Karla McLaren

The Healer’s Handbook by Patricia Telesco

Ancient Healing Techniques by Douglas DeLong


Happy Holidays!

We’ll it has been another whole year of Reiki Healing and relaxation at the Shear Pleasure Hair Designers location! I have been busy preparing to teach my first Reiki Classes coming this spring (details to follow later!) and learning about new health information that I can’t wait to pass along to you in the coming months. I have witnessed many healing and cleansing moments from my current clients and have been blessed by receiving new clients through referrals! Thank you! I hope that you are in a place of “happiness and fulfilling relaxation” and if you aren’t, please call me soon! No one needs to be stressed out during this blessed season! Consider purchasing a gift certificate for 1 hour of Reiki Therapy from me as a Christmas Gift for your loved one, friend, or coworker. (Bosses need to relax, too!) You can pick one up at Shear Pleasure or I can mail them to you upon request.
May the blessings of this season touch your heart and your home!
With Love and Light,
Julie Ann Coon

Foot Bath Detox….it’s a good thing!

I want to share with you what I do on a weekly basis to maintain my health along with daily self Reiki treatments. I discovered, through a friend, the wonderful benefits of the Foot Bath Detox System. What is that? It’s a special foot bath that uses your body’s own positive and negative electrically charged cells to cleanse your system of daily toxins,such as pesticides, heavy metals and pollutants so as to strengthen your immune system from such attacks. The Foot Bath treatment lasts 30 minutes and all you do is drink a large glass of water and relax! The Foot Bath, however, is NOT recommended for anyone who suffers from epilepsy, has a pacemaker fitted, has had organ implants, if you are pregnant, if you are under the age of 10, if you have any open wounds or abrasions on your feet. I am now offering this System to anyone who is interested for $20 per visit. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about taking care of themselves! If you have any questions, please e-mail me (found on the contact tab) and I will do my best to answer them promptly. Meanwhile, I hope this spring is finding you healthy, happy, and ready to do some “self spring cleaning”! Let Reiki keep you balanced and the Foot Bath Detox System keep you “cleaned out!” Namaste!

Come to my booth at the 5th annual Bridal Show!

Are you or someone you know getting married? Come to the 5th annual bridal show at the Walldorff Brewpub at 105 E. State St., Hastings, MI! Tour the Victorian ballroom and talk to local vendors, or just gather information. All it will cost is a little of your time! I will have a booth there to answer any of your Reiki questions and how it will reduce Wedding Day stress for all involved! Jan.29th, 2011 from 12 – 4pm.

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Merry Peacefulness!

“Now, what?” you are wondering. Why can’t she just say, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”? I’m afraid I am not one to just blurt out those greetings absentmindedly. Yes, the holidays bring a certain amount of hope and anticipation, there is no doubt about that. However, it is also one of the most stressful holidays of the year. A lot of pressure to make the season “turn out right”, what ever that may be. How many of us say, year after year, “I can’t wait for this holiday to be over so I can rest”? Why keep running ourselves into exhaustion for the sake of “tradition”? Why don’t we take the time to do some “self-meditation” on how our concept of this season affects our health and emotional well being? Should you make some minor changes in your holiday routine to take care of yourself? I say, “Yes, you should”! Thus, the reason this excerpt isn’t titled “Merry Stressfulness”. Do take care of yourself by scheduling a Reiki appointment with me today. Allow Reiki to be a part of your “Merry Peacefulness” and over-all well-being for the coming year! Gift certificates are available to give to your loved ones so they may enjoy their “Merry Peacefulness” also!

Cleaning House With Trash

Yep…another odd title.  But I’ll explain.  The story starts with two friends….very good friends who have been friends for a VERY long time.  They know each others deepest wishes and darkest secrets.  When one was sad or hurt, the other somehow “knew about it”.  They rarely had harsh words between them.  Due to circumstances beyond their control, the two went their own ways for a couple of years.  They still kept in touch, but rarely had the deep conversations that they usually had together.  Then one day, they reconnected.  Each was thrilled to talk to each other again….especially about the “old times”.  But, something had changed.  The one friend noticed that the other kept “skirting around the subject” when a specific question was directed to the other.  A cold chill conveyed over the conversations they had.  They had been friends far too long for this to create a shadow over their friendship.  One of the friends had become a Reiki Master in the time they had spent apart and so went home after their time together to pray over the matter.  The Reiki Master prayed for a short time alone when the answer presented its self.  “My friend is lying to me because of the fear of not appearing to be a perfect friend!”  So, out of either protecting interests or shamefulness, it was like the friend was “cleaning house with trash”.  The friend would rather lie than clear out the air of negativity.  Nothing gets resolved…nothing gets fixed….nothing gets healed!  It’s like fixing tooth decay with more soda and candy!  Although, sometimes lies are necessary to protect the innocent….however, even when those lies get found out imagine the “clean-up job” that it will be to fix the mess!  I really do not enjoy doing Reiki on a client who, when I ask a serious question of them, rather than tell me, “I am uncomfortable giving you that answer,” will, instead, all out lie to me.  I believe they forget that ALL energy, whether it be positive or negative, is stored in their bodies and that the energy presents itself as a positive or negative sensation to the healer.  Healers are their to help their clients by clearing out all negative aspects that aren’t to their clients “highest and best good”. An “all out lie” from the client just adds more “trash” to the body, spirit, emotions, and soul.  If by chance you do have a really close friend to talk to, do it!  (Especially between your Reiki appointments!)  Tis better to heal the wound then letting it fester!  Meanwhile, try to live in the “light of the world” rather than “hiding in its’ shadow”.  Namaste, my friends!