A Quest for Inner Truth

Deep title, I know.  I am often asked how, when I perform a Reiki Therapy Treatment on a client, do I “know” what is going on in my clients body and in their life.  When I was attuned to the healing energy of Reiki several years ago, I was taught to trust my inner voice.  Boy, did that take lots of practice!  Sometimes, I didn’t want to “hear” what was being “told” to me, although it was always in the best of interest for both me and my client.  Over time, I learned to listen to that “inner voice” without judgement and used what I learned with faith that it truely was in the best interest for both involved.  Separating ego from truth  took practice, too.  Reiki Energy only understands healing, not what we wish it to be.  Also, healing isn’t always done in obvious ways….but, more on that later.  My hope for you is that you will make it your “quest” to listen to your inner “truth” or “voice” when it comes time to help yourself or someone else and muster the courage to follow through on it.  Many blessings to you and call me if you need a little help on your quest!