Moving and a Bigger Purpose!

Hello again! I have split my career time over the last several years between Certified Pharmacy Technician and Reiki Master. Many people have asked me how I could be on both sides of the “fence” (science and metaphysical). Science wasn’t always…science. It started with a hunch, then a theory, then proof. I have seen positive results of drug therapy on a patient and I have witnessed the results of my clients being relieved from their discomfort with the help of Reiki Therapy. If both are used for the better of the patient and the patient is comfortable with both therapies, why would it NOT be alright to have both? I am for positive patient outcome, not who is “right” and who is “wrong”. Twelve years in a pharmacy setting has given me plenty of experience and information about prescription drug therapy and the effects on a patient who uses it. Yes, many of the side effects of the newer drugs (and some of the old “tried and true”) are truly frightening. Many people who are on these drugs (not all) wouldn’t need to be on prescription drug therapy if they were to change their lifestyle’s, i.e. eat healthier, move more, drop unhealthy vices…. With that in mind, I have decided to leave my job in the pharmacy setting and to move my Reiki practice to a new health food store where I have been hired to manage as well as to have a place to practice Reiki. I really want to help those who are serious about improving their health on all levels and I feel this new place for my practice would be more conducive to that endeavor. I plan on maintaining my Certification in Pharmacy Technician so as to add another dimension of helpful and healthful knowledge to both my clients and the store’s customer base.  As of October 1st, you can contact me at Thornapple Health & Nutrition, 9175 Cherry Valley Ave., Suite D, Caledonia, MI, 49316. You can make appointments starting that day by using the store’s phone number of (616) 891-0898 between the times of 10am to 7pm. Check the rest of my website for available appointment times. Like any new venture, I am excited….and a little nervous! Please stop in during Grand Opening week (October 1st through the 6th) to enter for a chance at a free one hour Reiki session from me! Also, come check out my new “room” and the wonderful products being offer in the store including gluten-free, organic, holistic, natural, weight control, and sports nutrition products (to name a few). I hope to see you soon!