Autumn has arrived and is ushering in a time of reflection about our health and happiness.  2020 has put us in a precarious situation.  We are social beings (well, most of us) and we long to spend time with family and friends during the upcoming holiday season, however group gatherings have proven dangerous for those with underlying health issues.  Working with clients one-on-one in an enclosed room, I am hyper aware how COVID-19 could easily infiltrate our body’s system by extended contact either through me or from a client.  I take daily, meticulous precautions to keep us safe.  Each client answers a short questionnaire, temperature is taken, masks are worn, a face shield is used, and surfaces are disinfected between each session.  However, even with all of the safety measures in place, there is always a chance of transmission by the virus.  If such an event happens, I will be contacting clients to alert them of possible infection.  If you have been exposed to the virus and have an appointment scheduled with me, I ask that you either consider a Distant Reiki session or reschedule your appointment 2 weeks out.  In the meantime, please know that I care about you and your wellbeing.  I have added two new services to my practice.  Energy Health Readings and Soul Piece Retrievals.  I have been performing both on and off for over 15 years.  I am able to advertise these now as I am in a location conducive to their acceptance and I feel that they will be beneficial to those looking for deeper healing.  I’ll blog more about each in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you are interested in both or either of them.  I wish you peace and health.  ~Julie