Wounded Healer

“Wounded healer is a term created by psychologist Carl Jung. The idea states that an analyst is compelled to treat patients because the analyst himself is “wounded”. The idea may have Greek mythology origins. Research has shown that 73.9% of counselors and psychotherapists have experienced one or more wounding experiences leading to career choice. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)”
Makes sense, doesn’t it? Experience is the best teacher so that explains why many choose the professions that they do. Compassion and empathy are, often times, developed through life experience. For me, I grew up somewhat “sickly” and was constantly concerned about other people’s health. I knew I didn’t enjoy feeling the way I did and I didn’t want others to feel that way, too, so I felt compelled to use those “wounded experiences” that I had experienced to compassionately help those suffering the same. This became a healthy way to not only help others, but also to help “heal” myself in the process. We all have experienced some sort of pain in our own lives at one time or another. My desire is to turn my pain into a healing experience for someone else who also suffers pain (physical, emotional, mental, etc.). Reiki does just that! Let me help you so that we both may heal together! Namaste!