Getting “Grounded”

Have you ever felt mentally or emotionally “disjointed”, “sideways”, “foggy”, “scattered”, “unconnected”, etc.? You may need to “ground” yourself. Why is “grounding” important? People who are not “grounded” tend to be unfocused, unsettled, stress-filled and stressful, and heavily invested in controlling everything around them. The act of “grounding” tends to center and focus people, because it calms their bodies down and creates a warm and peaceful place in which to live. There are many methods used for “grounding” oneself. One that I use myself is going outside on a warmer day and standing bare footed upon the grass and “feel” the energy from the Earth pull up through me. Another method is imagining a silver chord stretching from your heart down through your body and continuing down to the center of the Earth and wrapping itself around the core there. Then, from the other end of the silver chord from your heart up through your head and continuing upward to the heavens and wrapping around the “great light” there. Remember to breath deeply during both of these of processes. These are only two of many methods! If you need more suggestions, contact me and I will help you find another way to “ground”!