All are welcome here!

I am always surprised when I am asked, “Will you see clients who are ________ (fill in the blank)”.  I answer, “Are they alive, breathing, and living on this planet?” Of course, you know their answer!  Mine is a resounding, “Yes!  Everyone deserves the healing energy of Reiki.”  Religion (or nonreligious), politics, race, gender identity, sexuality, and the like matter not!  EVERYONE is accepted in my practice.  I do, however, have a personal safety policy in place.  If I am threatened by my scheduled client in any way, shape, or form, the reiki  session will end abruptly and that client will be asked to leave immediately.  Again, this is for my personal safety and is a policy used by many massage therapists, too.  We are here to help, not to be abused.  So, wonder no more!  Schedule an appointment with me today to witness for yourself the healing, deep relaxing energy of Reiki!  No labels needed 😉