Mindfulness Meditation Summer Class for Girls!

 Girls ages 8-14 are invited to attend a 3 day, two hour class (August 10, 11, 12 from 10:00 am to noon each day) to learn how to combat stress and boost self esteem through mindfulness meditation practices geared specifically for them. Class is being taught by Julie Ann Coon Reiki Master/Teacher at Gifts for Body & Soul, 118 N. Michigan Ave., Hastings. Cost is $180 per student. Registration and class fee end date is July 18th. A $20 discount will be applied if registered by July 5th. Check or cash accepted. Contact Julie for questions about this event. Class space is limited so early registration is encouraged.

With girls struggling with adolescent stressors such as school, social media, family, and more, I wanted to offer a meaningful and useful class to give them “tools” for dealing with those stressors in a healthy, natural way. They will learn mindfulness meditation in a safe environment along with discovering their inner power and self empathy skills. Permission slips and class fees must be filled out and returned by July 18th and can be emailed or picked up at the Hastings location. All electronics must either remain at home or turned over to the instructor before class. Unruly class disruptions won’t be tolerated and could cause the student to be dismissed without refund. Covid precautions will be monitored with updates when provided. Refunds given only within a 48 hour cancellation notice. Dress is comfortable and casual per weather forecast. No food allowed during class. Ice cream party on the last day of class! Call me at (268)908-9227 or email me at conduit67@yahoo.com for questions regarding this empowering event.